Master Spa Remodel

Dreaming of a spa-like bathroom? Well, you can get your head out of the clouds. I’m going to be sharing with you all how my team and I transformed an ordinary condo bathroom to a luxurious escape. 

Something I always want to take into consideration with any project is the financial aspect. It isn’t the most thrilling part of what I do; however, it’s definitely a necessary detail. For this particular set of clients, they had a bit of budget leniency. After all, they were trying to achieve a bathroom with a luxurious effect. Regardless my team made sure the project was affordable!

We began the design process by developing 3-D renderings of their desired preliminary design ideas. After a few modifications, we found the right combination of functional and aesthetic qualities, and were ready to move forward! Having these preliminary designs truly help keep the design goals at the center. Without a clear plan for execution, projects can tend to stray in opposing directions causing chaos and inevitably costing more money! That’s why we aim to stay in line with the original designs chosen, so our clients end up with the look we were aiming to achieve.

As we began the renovation it was clear their dreams of a luxurious bathroom was coming into hindsight. The clients and I enjoyed choosing all the different materials and bringing an ordinary bathroom to life! The royal black stacked stone was an obvious choice- for it offers the right amount of contrast needed to grab the eyes attention. With placing the shower bench in the focal point as well the clients are able to sit and enjoy their surroundings. Let's admit if we could sit down while showering I think we would all appreciate that feature!

The vanity was another eye-grabbing feature we chose to incorporate into the design. It’s what we tend to think of when we see a luxurious bathroom design-or at least for me. We did a double vanity with modern fixtures transforming the space. We used beautiful slabs marble-like quartz that had a balance between the polished white and subtle contrasting gray. Then the floating waterfall on both sides really amplified the look we were striving to accomplish. Even the subtle lowering of the counter height in the center was a special detail I enjoyed adding for my client. She is able to sit there and dress herself up with ease. 

This luxurious bathroom is filled with special details that bring the look together. I enjoyed partaking in this project and as always the results are worth the blood, sweat, and tears! So if the bathrooms you see on the web, or even this bathroom I designed has inspired you, take into consideration making those dreams come true! Also, remember you don’t have to do it alone! That’s what my job is for!

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