3-D Design Rendering

Some people may ask themselves, why use an interior designer when choosing to renovate their home. They feel that they have gathered all the inspirations imaginable on the Internet and feel confident with their choice of style. So what could go wrong? The reality of this, however, is there are a lot of aspects one needs to consider before doing a renovation. The way my team considers all aspects of our projects is through producing 3D renderings. This process helps eliminate problems that can arise throughout the renovation process that may have been unforeseen. 

At this point, you may be asking yourself, what is 3D rendering? A 3D rendering is a computer graphic process that allows one to generate a unique visual aid digitally. This is why 3D renderings are extremely important when aiming to achieve a large scale, or small-scale, remodel. They allow you to accurately envision the changes that are going to take place. For instance, by using 3D renderings we can build our clients’ entire home all on a digital platform for viewing. By doing this we can then show them how their home will look with the design plans we have in mind. Through this software, we can change your floor plan entirely to amplify space, or even stage your home with the different furnishing offerings the program has. This is a huge advantage for you can get a better understanding, as well as a different perspective on your current home! The options are endless when it comes to designing through 3D renderings. 

The best part about 3D renderings is you can look at the different ways to design your home without putting in all the effort-and not wasting your money on unwanted materials. (Trust us, we have had clients in the past mention how if they had known how a particular material was going to look, or color, etc. they had opted for something else.) Therefore, say goodbye to the dark ages of crossing your fingers and hoping everything will turn out just fine! Renderings have saved us all from this old school way of thinking.

Another reason why we prefer to use 3D renderings throughout the design process is that they ensure the design will stay on track during the entire project. It allows the vendors and subcontractors to understand what they are expected to achieve- rather than word of mouth (and believe us, miss communication in this stage of the process is highly likely when not sharing a visual aid for the vendors.) Everyone shares their own idea of what they believe to be “stylish,” and they may not exactly be the way you imagine. The miscommunication between you and the vendor can then, in turn, cost you money in the long run because you’ll have to go back and fix the design details you dislike (or worst, you could be stuck with them!). 

In a nutshell, this is why we offer 3D renderings to our clients. Even if you may decide you would like to design your home on your own it is still wise to seek professional aid. The 3D renderings can be offered as an individual service. Especially because remodeling a home, no matter how small or large the space, can be financially straining. Wouldn’t it be a nightmare to begin a renovation with your inspirations in mind and you end up with the exact opposite? This happens a lot more often than not. So when you decide it’s time to refresh your home take into consideration to reach out to a designer (my team and I !) to receive professional advice on the steps to take in order to make your dreams of a lovely home come true- without all the headaches!

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