Elegant Kitchen Enhancement

For this blog I wanted to exemplify how a remodel for your home doesn't have to be accompanied by the fears people tend to project. The typical first thoughts that come to mind when one thinks of a remodel is a full demolition, rebuilding, and of course, how they can become financially straining. Yikes! It can be extremely overwhelming. BUT, we're here to take all of those fears away! I'm going to share with you a remodel my team and I recently completed and the client didn't have to endure any of the above. Instead, she's now enjoying, and being showered in compliments over her newly remodeled kitchen, yay!

The first aspect to consider for a remodel, especially when trying to be budget friendly, is to decide what can be salvaged, restored and moved around to work to one's advantage. For our client, we decided instead of replacing all of her existing cabinets we decided to hire professionals to come in and have them refinished! This is a huge money saver, as well as not having to sacrifice the use of your kitchen in your home! Because let's be honest, you need your kitchen – especially when you have children like our client. So don't overlook your existing cabinets if they have good bones, you can work with it!

  Another way we made our clients remodel less stressful was by completing it in stages. We took the time to look through a plethora of finish options, making sure they accommodated our client's aesthetic design goals. This is definitely the fun part! Our client loved being able to see and choose what would soon be her new kitchen materials! From the backsplash to the countertops we made sure every material selected coordinated well with one another. This was accomplished by placing the samples together – in her home- to provide a true visual aid. This allowed our client to have a better understanding of the different materials while making the process less straining. Once our selections were finalized we moved onto the next step, installation. 

We started off the implementation process by removing unwanted trim and corbels to provide a clean and more modern style. We then coordinated with our painting professionals to execute the restoration of the cabinets. By having such a tremendous change at the beginning of the process it provided time for the client – if they liked- to change out the materials. In conjunction, our fabricators took a template for the new countertops. Since fabrication time can vary, in this window of time our client was still able to continue using her kitchen as a functional space in her home, which is very important to us! We want to make sure our client's needs aren't jeopardized.

Once the fabrication was complete we also had them consolidate the removal of the existing countertops along with the installations. Once one countertop was removed they had the material ready for the install of the newly fabricated material. This allowed the kitchen to stay functional while also not allowing the process to become overwhelming. Doing remodels in stages helps A LOT!

After the bulk of the remodel was completed – cabinets painted, new countertops installed- we preceded with the backsplash. This allowed our client to not rush to a decision right away allowing her to choose the materials she truly loved. (Sometimes it's nice to be able to change your mind! After all, these decisions are what our client sees on a daily basis!) We went with a solid subway tile backsplash with a subtle contrast followed with a mosaic tile for above the range to create a focal point.  

 Lastly, let's admit, a remodel isn't a remodel without a little lighting refresh! We swapped out the recessed lighting with three pendant lights over the bar/ seating area and oh boy does it make a difference! The new lighting fixtures created a statement and were the last finishing touches this remodel needed. 

See, not so scary right? We kept our client's kitchen functional throughout the transformation – and even had everything finished for her to flaunt it during the holidays! I hope this blog post shows you all to not be so afraid of remodeling! It brings so many benefits such as adding value to your home, and most importantly it makes you love your kitchen again.