Budget Analysis:

We begin each project by determining the desired price range. One of our focuses is to maximize the value each client is planning to invest. Through developing a budget analysis, we set realistic expectations from the very start to prevent developing a concept that may be financially unachievable.

Layout and Space Planning:

Functionality is also at the forefront of each project. We determine and prioritize the needs and wants for the desired space. Each client will have their specific aesthetic preferences making each project unique and their own.

Conceptual Illustrations and Renderings:

This stage of the project brings the former groundwork into view. Through 3-D renderings, we illustrate our proposed concept to present an idea of the following design plans. The renderings provide an opportunity to make adjustments, if necessary, before moving forward. After this stage, we will then produce architectural drawings of the finalized design.

Material Selections:

For many clients, this is seen as the biggest obstacle during a project. All materials required to complete construction, as designed, are listed and budgeted out for each area. The inspiration imagery is analyzed and material options then sourced on a basis of what best fits the needs and desires for the space, with both functional and aesthetic consideration.



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Project Development:

Architectural coordination may not be appropriate for all projects. If necessary, however, we will execute all of the proper documents and drawings required by your local municipality to obtain permits for both residential and commercial projects.

Construction Scope:

Prior to commencement, we will provide a detailed oriented break down of all of the information alluding to each installation. Once we have a secured budget plan and all of the materials have been selected we will coordinate an efficient schedule for execution with our in-house installation teams and licensed professional partners.

Project Management:

We strive to include progress updates throughout the duration of each project. The clients can then be properly aligned with the arranged schedule and are ensured the project is on track and gives a peace of mind.



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Budget and Aesthetic Planning:

Assessment of budget and aesthetic planning is our top priority in the beginning stages. Once we understand our client’s desired price range and inspirational designs we make sure everything fits cohesively with one another. We pay keen attention to the color palette of the space ensuring all the choices selected result in a polished finish with the client’s expectations in mind.

Layout and Furniture Sourcing:

Space optimization is the main component of each project. In order to achieve space optimization, we take into account the layout of the space and how the furnishings will be arranged. A preliminary design plan will assist our clients through the process in order to enter the next phase. The preliminary design allows our clients to grasp a more comprehensive perspective of the overall outlook of the project.

Custom Furniture and Carpentry:

If a client chooses to have a specific and unique design, we are capable of having custom furniture as well as custom carpentry items built to meet their wants and needs. Whether our clients desire a customized entertainment system or a custom upholstered bench, there are several routes in which we can take to achieve these expectations.

Window Treatments and Textile Selections:

When choosing decor options, we guide our clients in the right direction while still allowing them to have creative freedom. Elements such as window treatments and textiles play an important role in each design. When choosing these elements we keep our client’s aesthetic aspirations in mind. We also aspire to ensure all of the selections function and perform well with one another.

Lighting, Artwork, and Accessories:

To us, the details matter! Placing the finishing touches to the desired space aid in bringing it to life. Our goal is to acquire the proper lighting fixtures that will suit each project properly. The decorative artwork is another aspect we pay particular attention to for it sets the tone of a room. The proper artwork can make a space pop and bring all of the other elements seamlessly together. Accessories then help our clients include personal touches throughout the space. These aspects of decor are what unify the space gaining each project it’s own distinctive style.


Customer service is our top priority, which is why we offer benefits to our clients. When our clients choose to have items ordered directly through Jorde Carey Inc. we include all of the order processing, management, and installation of each item. This allows us to complete the job efficiently as well as take away any unnecessary responsibilities from our clients.