Trip 1: Tijuana, Mexico

              After several years in the design industry, and a lot of experimenting with different art mediums, I found my love for hand printed textiles.  In 2014 I started developing my own line. They will soon make their debut as a line of hand made decorative pillows; evolving into a full bedding line!

            Early on in developing my designs, I felt the need to do more than simply create a pretty selection of pillows and blankets.  I founded Jorde Home Foundation last year, and started planning my first effort to spread kindness immediately. With a group of friends, I made it down to an orphanage in Tijuana, Mexico, City of Angels. We brought down food, games, fun, and new bedding for over 50 children.


              It was one of the most influential days of my life, and an experience I intend to share/relive as often as I can. We didn’t bring down what most of us would consider being anything but bare essentials. These were the most grateful, loving, and happy children I had ever met and, for most of them, it was the first night they would sleep with a pillow.

            After that amazing day in the slums of Tijuana, I knew I needed to do more, and have been planning for my next trip ever since! My textile line will make a donation of a pillow and blanket to someone in need with each purchase. Each year I’ll be planning trips to bring bedding, love and essentials to people of all ages, around our country and others.

            I’ll be posting information about upcoming trips, and anyone is welcome to join in on what I have planned. 100% of each donation provided goes towards my mission helping others. Having the support of my friends and family through all I’ve done so far has meant the world to me!

Thank you!