Not every home needs remodeling to express how you live, your style, create greater comfort or even to function better. So much in an interior environment can be affected by simply changing or balancing the color, installing good lighting, and the appropriate placement of quality furnishings and window treatments.



No two projects are exactly alike, and everyone has different levels of creativity and problem solving when it comes to furnishing a home. Luckily you have a designer to fill those design gaps, assisting you with the development of a space that is truly your own. After an initial consultation, an inspiration presentation is put together, providing example imagery of various design options.  

Design Development

Once enough information regarding your style preferences has been collected, a design presentation is prepared. It will feature a scaled floor plan with furnishing options, material specifications, color options, lead-times and a full budget outline. Sourcing continues until each client is confident with their purchasing decisions.


Not every project requires professional installation. However, not every client wants to do it themselves. White glove installation services consolidate the installation of your project to a 1-3 day period, depending on the project size. All items are received, inspected and warehoused until you are ready for it to arrive. Upon delivery, all furniture is perfectly placed, accessories are styled, and art is hung in place.


Find Your Style.